The 80HR Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course Module is part of The Peaceful Warriors 200HR Online YTT Pathway and counts towards your 200HR YTT certification. 

This 80HR online module is designed to educate students on the Peaceful Warriors' approach to sequencing, based on both the Hatha and Vinyasa yoga traditions. To improve yoga practitioners' and yoga teachers' knowledge, understanding of both traditional, contemporary, and creative sequencing. 

During this module you will amongst others learn:

·   The art and science of holistic Vinyasa and Hatha yoga sequencing

·   The foundations of intelligent sequencing (i.e. class/practice structure and key components, general sequencing rules) 

·   The physical mechanics of peak postures and their asana families, including how to deconstruct a peak posture

·   How to incorporate structures like the SunSalutations; A, B, and C 

·   Different sequencing technics; mandala sequencing, progressive sequencing, themed sequencing, etc. 

·   How to teach to multiple levels

·   Teaching ethics and principles 

·   5 Science-backed tools to make your daily practice stick

The 80HR Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course Module includes:


·   One Vinyasa Sequencing Masterclass 

·   One Hatha Sequencing Masterclass 

·   12 x 90 minutes Prerecorded On-Demand Hatha Practices (taught by one senior teacher)

·   12 x 90 minutes Prerecorded On-Demand Vinyasa Practices (taught by 5 different senior teachers) 

·   A 58 Page Sequencing Manual

·   4 x 60 minutes Prerecorded On-Demand Yin practices

·   26 sample Hatha & Vinyasa sequences (PDF) 

·   Yoga Habit E-Book (10 pages)

·   One-on-One Feedback 

·   20 practical exam sequences taught by graduates of The Peaceful Warriors 200HR Online YTT Pathway

The 80HR Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course Module is 100% online and on-demand and can be completed at your own pace. 

You will have full access to the course content as soon as you purchase so you can dive right in or explore little bits at a time as it suits your lifestyle. You will have lifetime access to the course content.



Maria has been practicing Yoga for the last 8+ years but it was in 2013, during her travels in Southeast Asia when she fell in love with yoga. During that time, she discovered yoga had much more to offer than she first realised. Yoga helped her find the balance in life that she was seeking and yoga become a lifestyle rather than just a physical practice. From here, she hasn’t stopped learning all aspects of yoga. She still considers herself ‘a student’, always keeping an open curious mind, learning and getting inspired by others.

Maria completed her Vinyasa – Yoga Teacher Training (registered with Yoga Alliance) at Power of Now Oasis, in Bali. Since then, she has completed trainings and workshops in Yin Yoga, Restorative, FlyHigh Yoga and Acroyoga. Her journey didn’t stop there, as she took a 100hr training in “Thai Yoga Massage” at Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And during her journey into motherhood, she fell in love with prenatal yoga. One of her main goals is to share the benefits of yoga and bring more mindfulness and awareness into peoples lives, to live and enjoy every moment; and to connect with their true self.


Bente first came in touch with Yoga in the late 1990s. Bente has always been a mover, practicing gymnastics, dance, swimming and various other sports from a very young age and as such her yoga journey began purely as a venture into the physical practice and philosophy. Her practice since evolved into a lifelong passion and journey into the Mind, Body, Spirit and Breath connection. Bente completed her formal Yoga Teacher Training at the Jungle Yoga Ashram, in Thailand in early 2010. certified in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, in the tantric yoga philosophy and tradition. Combined with a university degree and professional work experience in psychology, international business. marketing and management Bente represents both the Yin and the Yang of our modern world. And in her yoga practice and her teachings on and off the mat, she strives to bridge the eastern and western Philosophy, knowledge and approaches through tradition and creativity. Since completing her training, Bente has been teaching regular weekly studio classes, privates, retreats and workshops in Europe (primarily the Netherlands) and South East Asia (Thailand. Cambodia) and Bali, Indonesia where she is currently based.


Bernd has been throwing himself wholeheartedly into the deep waters of daily, dedicated yoga practice since the very beginning of 2001. Coming originally from the performing arts in various guises, he finally allowed the stage life to fade and the yogic life to come into deeper focus. Being drawn, from an early age, toward seeing, understanding and exploring life in its fullness and entirety, he works with the tools of asana, pranayama, meditation, and study in order to plumb the depths of experience. His aim as a teacher is always to give each student exactly what he or she needs at any given time, which has led him to learn as much as possible about different modalities of movement, meditation and philosophical approaches. Bernd has an abiding passion for helping to ease the suffering of others, which has led him down the path of yoga for therapeutic uses as well as yoga as a path toward ultimate freedom and truth. Over the years, he has gathered tools in his own practice and in his teachings from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, the yogic approach to therapy, as well as a thorough and continuing education in philosophies of all shapes and sizes.


Magdalena was born and raised in the seaside of Poland, she has always been connected to the ocean and life on the island, it was, therefore, no surprise that she spent 6 years of her life in Malta and then moved to Bali where she currently teaches yoga.

Magdalena is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-500 hr) trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Kids, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. She started practicing yoga when she was 22 as a way to improve her flexibility and complement to her fitness routine. Soon she realised that she has gained so much more than flexibility, she began to understand not only her body better but also herself as a person. This deep inner connection has helped her through difficult times and inspired her to share this passion with others.

After completing a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training with The Peaceful Warriors, Magdalena joined the team as an assistant 1,5 years later.

Her teaching style is Vinyasa-based with a focus on strength, flexibility and alignment. Magdalena believes that self-love is a core value, hence your practice with her will be inspired by self-acceptance, awareness of your own body, love and good vibes.


Karin began teaching Yoga in 2015 without much confidence after completing an YTT in the U.S. that left her feeling unprepared. After completing the Peaceful Warrior YTT in October 2017, Karin took off with confidence and passion to teach yoga in Thailand, Portugal and came back to Bali to assist The Peaceful Warriors Yoga Teacher Trainings. Karin is now back in the U.S where she continues to teach.

Karin teaches slower creative sequences to drop students’ expectations and encourage them to stay present and comfortable.

She is a licensed massage therapist, completed a 150-hour Thai massage course and shares this knowledge and experience of massage and adjustments with students in the trainings. Karin has taken various workshops on arm balances, fascia, and breath work to fuel her interest in the body and the practice. She enjoys the exchange of ideas amongst the people that she crosses paths with to continuously learn, inspire, and be inspired.


Jessica first dipped her toes into the Yoga world around 2011 while working as a sales and marketing manager for two countries in an international company. She wasn’t completely consistent with her practice but soon realized the relief it provided of the stress and anxiety within her life. Everything she had gained from her personal practice inspired her to complete a YTT in order the share with others. Excited to deepen her practice, she attended the YTT with the Peaceful Warriors in January 2018. Jessica has taken a 50-hour assisting training in London, 30-hour prenatal/postnatal/kids training with one of our own teachers Lauren Prindiville, and a variety of other workshops as well. Based in London, Jessica stays busy teaching prenatal, postnatal with babies, and vinyasa classes to both corporate and private students focusing on “anti-desk” yoga to target those hunching over computers for work. Teaching yoga has proven to her that her mental and physical strength is stronger than she realized. Jessica loves watching her students progress and surprise themselves, these are her favorite moments to observe and give a supportive high five or words of encouragement.



The 80HR Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course Module is designed for students following The Peaceful Warriors 200HR Online YTT Pathway. 


The Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course Module is for yoga practitioners of all levels looking to deepen their own personal practice and/or improve their knowledge, understanding, and awareness of traditional and contemporary, creative sequencing.

The Hatha & Vinyasa Practice & Sequencing Course Module is also for you if you are already a Yoga Teacher looking to deepen or refresh your knowledge of sequencing. Or perhaps looking for inspiration, to take your teachings to the next level, enhance your teaching skillset, and to be able to better serve your students.


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Online Graduates Testimonials

Victoria Hanson
Graduate 2021
Lindsey Snauwaert
Graduate 2021
Susana Soromenho
Graduate 2021

"A wonderful little discovery of who I am and to what me I am going towards"

Your online program is so so so beautifully done! I have learned so many things about yoga and everything linked to it, but mostly, I have learned a huge lot about myself. A wonderful little discovery of who I am and to what me I am going towards. Just wonderful. I am very grateful for this experience and if possible.. with Corona and everything, I will be planning to visit you as soon as possible, as I want to get to know the people that lead me trough all of this and provided wonderful guidance!

Rena Schenke

200HR Online Yoga Teacher Training Program Graduate

“…blessed to have worked with such a dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate group of people”

I’d like to take the time to extend my deepest gratitude to ALL of the members of The Peaceful Warrior team. I am feeling extremely blessed to have worked with such a dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate group of people. Bente and Maria, I can tell how much heart and soul went into creating this teacher training and I have learned SO much from you both. You’ve created an incredibly holistic program and selected amazing teachers who each have their own unique and important set of skills to bring to the table. Bernd opened my eyes to a whole new side of yoga and truly helped me to find a better balance in my practice (I will miss his stories and his dogs!). Sean’s knowledge helped me gain an important understanding of the human body, creating a stronger foundation in my own practice and more confidence in my alignment cues. I loved and appreciated the variety and rotation of teachers, from Magdalena’s fiery sequences to Karin and Jessica’s calming approaches.

Victoria Hanson

200HR Online Yoga Teacher Training Program Graduate

“…it has absolutely exceeded all expectations."

You guys provided such a well rounded beautiful course. The idea of an online YTT scared me at the beginning but I must say that it has absolutely exceeded all expectations. You have delivered such high quality material, your choice of teachers has been immaculate and the general structure of the course was truly on point. Your knowledge and passion to share yoga are so inspiring and even though I didn’t do the training with teaching in mind, I will for sure end up teaching one way or the other. Its so inspiring to see such powerful female leadership, and Im excited to follow your lead. I’m so very grateful for this opportunity.

Kolina Annedondo

200HR Online Yoga Teacher Training Program Graduate

"Couldn't have hoped for better. Highly recommend!"

This was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The Peaceful Warriors have shared their love, light, and knowledge with so many people in Bali and now they have offered it online for students?! AMAZING! So many downs had occurred for so many people in this world, but the training was only one of the highlights of my 2020 year. I am proud to say that I am a Peaceful Warrior graduate and I cannot wait to go back to their training to attend the 300HR YTT (hopefully they'll release soon)! Every teacher that is part of the Peaceful Warrior family brings such phenomenal knowledge to the table to where you truly get many bits and pieces of yoga to help guide you to be your own teacher. I received clarity and growth from things that I never knew that I would grow from, to become a better student and now a better teacher for my future students. Thank you so much to all of the Peaceful Warriors (students, graduates, and teachers) for all that you do for your community and for spreading the teachings of Yoga for all to learn!

Joanna Ostnowska

200HR Online Yoga Teacher Training Program Graduate