FAQ #1: I'm busy! How much time will this take?

During the course you'll make a small daily commitment (as little as just 1 minute per day!) to get on your mat everyday for 30 days. Of course you can do more than 1 minute, but it's NOT necessary to build your yoga habit - trust me! Additionally, the workbook takes about 30 minutes - 1 hour each week, so it's best to set aside some time in the weekend to work on that. People have done this course while working full-time, parenting full-time, and even while starting a new stressful job. Instead of waiting for the perfect time to start, just start somewhere.

FAQ #2: Do I need to be an experienced yogi?

Not at all! This course is for all yogis; beginners to yoga, seasoned practitioners, and also for yoga teachers. It doesn't matter what your level or experience with yoga is, as the yoga practices provided are geared to all levels. The mini yoga practices (which are shorter, around 5 minutes) are extra accessible especially if you're not used to doing a full yoga practice every day, but for those that want a longer practice, full yoga practices are also provided.

FAQ #3: Is it self-paced?

No! You decide your start date, but once you start Day 1 there are weekly tasks in the workbook to help you stay on track and keep up your habit throughout the 30 days. Habit science says that CONSISTENCY IS KEY, so I've designed the course to make you do something small everyday, rather than being inconsistent with your habit.

FAQ #4: Do I have to do an hour of asana for 30 days?

No, no, no, and NO! First off, the practices provided give you a mix of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. We might not always be up for the movement and asana part of yoga, but there are plenty of other options for mindfulness practices that we can to achieve the same benefits. Secondly, the entire course is designed to show you that small consistent steps are the best way to get changes to stick for the longrun, so its better to do a mini practice everyday for 30 days, than an hour practice several times (and do nothing on the other days).

FAQ #5: Why 30 days?

Habit science says that there isn't a simple answer to the common question "how long does it take to form a habit?" BUT I've found that when students follow all the steps of this habit strategy, 30 days is enough to set up a steady foundation for a habit. Once you do that, the habit simply gets stronger and more fixed into your routine with time.

FAQ #6: Do I have to practice yoga at home?

This course teaches you how to develop a regular home yoga practice. The majority of Yoga Habiteers practice at home using pre-recorded yoga classes and occasionally by attending classes at a yoga studio. You can practice at a yoga studio as much as you like in addition to your home yoga habit during the 30 day course.

FAQ #7: Can I buy the course now but start later?

Absolutely! You have life-time access to the course, so even if you wanted to start next year, that's totally fine. The first phase of the course guides you to set up a foundation for your habit, including setting a start date for your 30-day commitment which can be any day in the future that you like.

FAQ #8: What if I have my own yoga practice that I like to do already?

That's great! I encourage everyone to do any yoga practice of your choosing to stick to the 30-day commitment to get on the mat everyday. You can do the yoga habit practices by Peaceful Warriors teachers, a self-led practice, any practice by another teacher/studio, or any combination of these.

FAQ #9: What's the difference between the 7-day and 30-day course?

The 7-day course covers the content from the first 7 days of the 30-day course to lay the foundation for the yoga habit. If you wish to take your habit further after completing the 7-day course you can continue with the 30-day course!

Still not sure?

Send over any questions to [email protected].. I'd love to hear from you!