Learn how to keep up your yoga practice for good

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Struggling to find time to get on your mat?
Lack the motivation and willpower to stay consistent?
Feel resistance to routine and make excuses to not do it?

... you're not alone!

the 30-Day Course

With the right strategy, an average of 5 minutes per day over 30 days is all it takes to lay the foundation for a consistent yoga practice. This online course walks you through the simple steps to let go of the pressure, re-connect with your practice, and form your life-long yoga habit.


This course helps to:

Establish a consistent yoga practice

Form other healthy habits

Drop the guilt of past attempts

Fall deeper in love with your practice


Habit Workbook

Integrate and apply the habit science in a step-by-step workbook with over 30 science-backed tools to help you stick to your habit

Yoga Class Library

Easily select from a variety of practices by Peaceful Warriors teachers (short or long, energising or grounding, asana or breathwork or meditation) or create your own flow

1-on-1 Habit Session

Get tailored advice from an expert on your yoga habit and any other habits you'd like to make (or break) to be your very best self

What Yoga Habiteers Say..


As a full time yoga teacher your own practice gets pushed on the side way too quickly. Making time for myself always fills my cup so I can give more to others. Nadia knows the right tools to get on the right path with yoga habits and this definitely manifested in other habits for me as well


Every person on earth should take this course! It's completely changed how I view myself - now I no longer think I'm too lazy or incapable of making changes that stick. I love that it was broken down into little steps so I never felt behind on anything and I now know how to form any habit


After my YTT, this course was great to get me started with my daily yoga routine and stay accountable to achieve my yoga goals. It felt like fun and not like pressure… It was helpful to understand the mechanics of habit creation, which I now also apply to other areas of my life

Nadia de Jong

Meet Nadia

Nadia’s passion for health started at an early age while she was growing up on the beautiful island of Bali. Eventually this passion led her to study with leading professors in the field of habits durig her masters degree in Health Psychology at University College London.

Yoga Habit was created after Nadia completed her YTT and realised how many yogis struggle to stick to a consistent practice, no matter how much they love their practice and feel all the benefits. She set out on a mission to use her background in psychology to help people form lasting habits and be their healthiest, most wholesome selves.

Yoga Alliance Certified

This online self-paced course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®️ (YACEP®️) and counts for 10 HOURS OF CONTINUING EDUCATION for yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance. After students complete and hand in the Habit Workbook, they will be awarded their Yoga Alliance certificate for Continuing Education.


  Welcome to Yoga Habit!
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  Foundation Phase (Pre-Start)
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  Seed Phase (Day 1-7)
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  Sprout Phase (Day 8-14)
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  Blossom Phase (Day 15-21)
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  Harvest Phase (Day 22-28)
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  Flourish Phase (Day 29,30 + Onwards)
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  Mini Practices by The Peaceful Warriors Teachers
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  Full Practices by The Peaceful Warriors Teachers
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30-Day Yoga Habit Course

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The Peaceful Warriors Path

We believe in yoga as a life journey of (self)-awareness and personal transformation. Deeply transformative ‘tools’ that bring real change and growth in your life. Through this training, we strive to offer you a deeply life changing experience and to find the support you need to leave the training not only as a newly certified teacher but with a new way of looking at the world – evolve and connect with the best expression of yourself.