The science-backed strategy to maintain your yoga practice

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Think you don't have the motivation or willpower to stick to your practice?
Struggling to find the time to get on your mat everyday?
Making excuses and feeling resistance to your mindfulness practice?

... don't worry, you're not the only one!

the 30-day online Course

The truth is that most people will struggle to stick to a consistent practice somewhere along their journey. And what makes all the difference is having a good strategy to get you through. This 30-day course walks you through the simple steps to maintain your yoga practice.

Mini Lectures + Yoga Practices

Lectures + Practices

Bite-sized lectures and yoga practices by your favorite teachers

The Yoga Habit Journal

The Habit Workbook

Workbook with practical tasks, tips and engaging reflections

1-on-1 Habit Session

1-on-1 Session

Tailored advice and tips to further your progress



Establish a consistent yoga practice

Form other healthy habits

Drop the guilt of past attempts

Fall deeper in love with your practice!

Nadia de Jong

Meet Nadia

Nadia’s passion for health started at an early age while she was growing up on the beautiful island of Bali. As a child this took shape in devising creative inventions for her parents to quit smoking. Eventually this passion led her to study with the leading professors in the field of Behavior Change for her masters degree in Health Psychology at University College London.

Why Yoga Habit?

Yoga Habit was created after Nadia completed her YTT and realised how many yogis struggle to stick to a consistent practice, no matter how much they love their practice and feel all the benefits. She set out on a mission to use her background in psychology and experience as a habit coach, to help people form lasting habits and be the healthiest, most wholesome version of themselves.


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30-Day Yoga Habit Course

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Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I have learnt so much about myself and my practice, its got me back into my little studio and its given me a big understanding behind behaviour and habits.. Also very useful to know when supporting my students in sticking to their daily yoga practice.

Mary B

Nadia is such a knowledgeable and eloquent teacher! I feel so inspired to keep yoga a consistent part of my life. After taking this course I have the tools, vocabulary and knowledge to understand why habits can be so healthy, how to maintain them, and how to get back on the horse if and when I fall off. Thank you!

Joshua N

Learning everything I did about habits really helped me take the pressure off myself.. Knowing there were others out there who shared my struggles with maintaining a practice, and going through this journey together was incredibly powerful

Chiana M

The Peaceful Warriors Path

We believe in yoga as a life journey of (self)-awareness and personal transformation. Deeply transformative ‘tools’ that bring real change and growth in your life. Through this training, we strive to offer you a deeply life changing experience and to find the support you need to leave the training not only as a newly certified teacher but with a new way of looking at the world – evolve and connect with the best expression of yourself.