The 20HR Subtle Body, Pranayama & Meditation Course Module is part of The Peaceful Warriors 200HR Online YTT Pathway and counts towards your 200HR YTT certification. 

This 20HR online module is designed to educate and inspire yoga students to look deeper into the composition of the Human body and mind, beyond the physical/tangible, to understand the more subtle, energetic, and "quasi material" aspect of the human body, mind, and consciousness - being neither solely physical nor solely spiritual. And to introduce traditional meditation and pranayama techniques and practices.

Learn how the breath is connected to the physical body, the nervous system, and the mind. And learn how you can use your breath to change how you feel; how to apply breath to improve physical performance, stimulate/calm the mind, improve sleep, reduce stress and so much more.

Learn how understanding and awareness of the subtle body can enhance personal insight and development; teach you more about yourself - who you are, your purpose, your work, and your path and how to use these tools as a yogi, teacher, and human to (re)connect with the best expression of yourself to live your best life.

The 20HR Subtle Body, Pranayama & Meditation Course Module includes:

·   One 2hour Audio Masterclass covering: Introduction to Prana; what is prana, the five koshas, the five primary Vayus, and the primary Nadis

·   One 2hour Masterclass covering The Chakra System 

·   Access to Personal Chakra Test & 1hour live one-to-one consult with a Senior Lead Teacher (Optional)

·   One 2hour Masterclass on the philosophy of Pain and Mindfulness

·   One 1hour Masterclass covering the Endocrine System 

·   Five Pranayama Tutorials including philosophy, application, and benefits

·   Six Guided Meditation practices (including Yoga Nidra)

·   Two Sound Healing session

·   One-to-one feedback from the Senior Lead teachers 

·   Access to The Peaceful Warriors Virtual Community of students, graduates, teachers, and experts from all over the world.

The 20HR Subtle Body, Pranayama & Meditation Course Module is 100% online and on-demand and can be completed at your own pace. You will have full access to the course content as soon as you purchase so you can dive right in or explore little bits at a time as it suits your lifestyle. You will have lifetime access to the course content.



Bente first came in touch with Yoga in the late 1990s. Bente has always been a mover, practicing gymnastics, dance, swimming and various other sports from a very young age and as such her yoga journey began purely as a venture into the physical practice and philosophy. Her practice since evolved into a lifelong passion and journey into the Mind, Body, Spirit and Breath connection. Bente completed her formal Yoga Teacher Training at the Jungle Yoga Ashram, in Thailand in early 2010. certified in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, in the tantric yoga philosophy and tradition. Combined with a university degree and professional work experience in psychology, international business. marketing and management Bente represents both the Yin and the Yang of our modern world. And in her yoga practice and her teachings on and off the mat, she strives to bridge the eastern and western Philosophy, knowledge and approaches through tradition and creativity. Since completing her training, Bente has been teaching regular weekly studio classes, privates, retreats and workshops in Europe (primarily the Netherlands) and South East Asia (Thailand. Cambodia) and Bali, Indonesia where she is currently based.


Bernd has been throwing himself wholeheartedly into the deep waters of daily, dedicated yoga practice since the very beginning of 2001. Coming originally from the performing arts in various guises, he finally allowed the stage life to fade and the yogic life to come into deeper focus. Being drawn, from an early age, toward seeing, understanding and exploring life in its fullness and entirety, he works with the tools of asana, pranayama, meditation, and study in order to plumb the depths of experience. His aim as a teacher is always to give each student exactly what he or she needs at any given time, which has led him to learn as much as possible about different modalities of movement, meditation and philosophical approaches. Bernd has an abiding passion for helping to ease the suffering of others, which has led him down the path of yoga for therapeutic uses as well as yoga as a path toward ultimate freedom and truth. Over the years, he has gathered tools in his own practice and in his teachings from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, the yogic approach to therapy, as well as a thorough and continuing education in philosophies of all shapes and sizes. The massive variety of meditation practices and traditions are a deep passion for Bernd, and he relishes the opportunity to practice and pass on these wonderful teachings.


Sean Goldberg BSc (Physiotherapy) teaching style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga. Sean has taught on yoga trainings for various schools all over the world, including Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Bali and Australia. He is a registered physiotherapist in Australia and continues to work and treat cliental there. Sean regularly teaches meditation courses, workshops and retreats for people that suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Sean has spent his whole life working at integrating Eastern and Western philosophies to find a balanced view of the world and its mysteries. He spent the majority of 5 years studying, practicing and then teaching yoga in Thailand in a Tantric yoga school. He went on to do his 500 hour yoga and meditation YTT with an intense focus on silent retreats and an energetic form of Hatha Yoga. Since then he has spent the majority of 6 years between India, studying self awareness under the guidance of Sri Prem Baba and teaching on YTT’s in Bali.


Jessica first dipped her toes into the Yoga world around 2011 while working as a sales and marketing manager for two countries in an international company. She wasn’t completely consistent with her practice but soon realized the relief it provided of the stress and anxiety within her life. Everything she had gained from her personal practice inspired her to complete a YTT in order the share with others. Excited to deepen her practice, she attended the YTT with the Peaceful Warriors in January 2018. Jessica has taken a 50-hour assisting training in London, 30-hour prenatal/postnatal/kids training with one of our own teachers Lauren Prindiville, and a variety of other workshops as well. Based in London, Jessica stays busy teaching prenatal, postnatal with babies, and vinyasa classes to both corporate and private students focusing on “anti-desk” yoga to target those hunching over computers for work. Teaching yoga has proven to her that her mental and physical strength is stronger than she realized. Jessica loves watching her students progress and surprise themselves, these are her favorite moments to observe and give a supportive high five or words of encouragement.


Zoe who is our health expert will be sharing her knowledge and experience on how a yogi can live a healthy lifestyle. Covering topics such as nutrition, natural medicine, optimal use of vitamins and minerals, hormonal health/balance and digestive health. Zoe is a certified clinical nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath with over ten year’s experience. She is an international speaker who is passionate about empowering people to improve their nutrition and lifestyle and address the root causes of their health issues, so they can live their fullest, healthiest and happiest lives. Zoe has taught numerous workshops and masterclasses, and created and hosted many wellness retreats, worldwide. Over 5,000 one-on-one health coaching sessions with an extensive client list including supermodels, A-list actors, CEO’s and sheikhs. And has been featured in many publications including Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Grazia and Sheerluxe. She is also the award-winning author of the book “A Beautiful Balance” and the face behind Bloom 1:1 Wellness Programme.


Avi is an energy worker and sound alchemist. Having trained with Rainbow Kids Yoga and Calm Classrooms, as well as studying with various advanced teachers from the traditional tantric yoga lineage, shamanism and the magic world of sound healing. Avi will bring the unique use of music and sound into this heartfelt training with her sound therapy.



The 20HR Subtle Body, Pranayama & Meditation Course Module is designed for students following The Peaceful Warriors 200HR Online YTT Pathway. 


The 20HR Subtle Body, Pranayama & Meditation Course Module can also be completed as a standalone course. 

This course module is also for you if you are already a Yoga Teacher or a Yoga Practitioner who would like to dive deeper into these subject matters, to improve or refresh your knowledge, and/or to take your teachings to the next level, enhance your teaching skillset and to be able to better serve your students.


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