1) Pranayama Tutorials with Bente

Introduction to Pranayama

Full Yogic Breathing

Action Steps:

  1. Listen to the Podcast Introduction to Pranayama
  2. Listen and follow the Pranayama Tutorial for Full Yogic Breathing
  3. Read the pages 'The 4th Limb Pranayama' (These pages contain Pranayama sequences that you can use you in your own practice or when teaching)
  4. Answer the assessment questions

Assessment Questions:

  1. What is Pranayama?
  2. How does the inhale and exhale relate to the nervous system?
  3. When practicing Pranayama, why do we mostly breathe through the nose and not through the mouth?
  4. What are the benefits of Full Yogic Breathing?

At the end of this Module, please submit all the assignment links/docs in one single email for us to review and give feedback. 

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